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Picture of Lumetta Distribution in 1939The first Lumetta to get into produce distribution was World War I veteran Salvatore Sam Lumetta who arrived in America via Ellis Island in 1903. Salvatore sold produce door to door with a horse and buggy for many years.


Lumetta Produce Store

Salvatore had a son named Jim Lumetta who took his fathers business to the next level when he began selling his wares to local restaurants in 1939. The name of Jim Lumetta's company was Jim Lumetta & Son. The Son referred to is Salvatore Jerome Lumetta. Jim Lumetta built a very lucrative business until his life was cut tragically short; Jim suffered a massive stroke at the age of 41. At the time of his father's death, 16-year-old Salvatore had one option; go to work on Monday to help feed his mother and three sisters.


Salvatore proudly grew his company over the years servicing all types of food service organizations. In 1963 Salvatore operated one delivery truck, by the late 1990's he had six delivery vehicles on the road and a staff of 12 employees. Jim Lumetta & Son sold everything needed to operate a restaurant, from a case of Lettuce to a case of New York Strip steaks. Salvatore's motto was:

"We have a trade that Service Made".


Picture of Lumetta Farmer's Market in 1939Lumetta Produce Market

Salvatore's two sons Sam and Jim took great pride in helping the family with their business, and from a very early age learned to respect and value the meaning of a hard days work. Sam & Jim Lumetta learned every aspect of the business from sweeping the floor to making sales calls. By the beginning of the 21st century Salvatore was ready to step aside to let the new generation take the helm of the family business.


In January 2006, the Lumetta Brothers did just that by opening Lumetta Distribution LLC. The Lumetta Brothers decided early on that they needed to focus on what the company did best, sell and distribute produce. Concentrating on a specified product line (fresh produce) has proven to be the right strategy.


The Lumetta Brothers, Sam and Jim now operate our company. They represent the fourth generation of an immigrant family, from Sicily, to make their living selling produce.

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